About me

Random photo of myself random photo of myself

I am Vitalii Lakusta. I work as senior software engineer in Starship   . In short, we build there a network of autonomous friendly robots that deliver you anything in minutes.

Before that I worked as engineer in fintech Wise   , or formerly known as TransferWise.

A bit about myself. I am from Ukraine, was raised in the small city in the west called Chernivtsi. But I have been living in Tallinn, Estonia, for 6+ years already. Tallinn definitely became my second home.

Why this blog?

Well, I really wanted to start recording and crystallizing my thoughts and ideas on software and beyond. I hope you will find something interesting for yourself here.

Why the blog name has the word ‘calculus’ in it?

Calculus is a mathematical study of continuous change.

The same way we change software - one small epsilon at a time, continuously, smoothly.

One topic I would like to address in my blog would be how to deal with software continuously, one step at a time. This includes topics like continuous refactoring, TDD, software design etc.

Contact me

Feel free to email me at lakusta@softwarecalculus.com